About us

Every human being is unique, and so is every company. We believe everyone has a place where they can feel happily fulfilled. We know today's young talents aren't necessarily looking for a lot of money and instant career advancement. What they really appreciate is a great corporate culture, a compelling vision and an inspiring team. A classic job advertisement just won't cut it. At the same time, there are a lot of fantastic companies out there with the ambition to change the world. But they often lose the fight for talent because they just aren't visible enough. So we brought together a team of true professionals in the field to revolutionize the way things are done. That's how Proudly was born.

Proud Chief

Jan Klusoň

Jan leads the entire Proudly team and looks after everything you see on this site. He created this project because he was tired of seeing thousands of cookie-cutter job advertisements. He thinks the job search should be fulfilling, not stressful. On the contrary, he wanted everyone to enjoy themselves while looking for a great job, and he also wanted to connect this concept with his passion for beautiful photographs and video. So he teamed up with experienced media professionals and developers, and together they created something extraordinary: Proudly. He loves his job, but he also likes to find time for sports and friends.

Proud Technology Chief

Jan Mittner

Jan has been working in app development for 15 years and he is responsible for the whole Proudly team in Vergilio. He studied IT at Prague's University of Economics, where he is now completing his Ph.D. He enjoys passing on his experience to students in agile web development courses. He is responsible for the whole technical concept at Proudly. This involves working with large data and machine learning tools, so every candidate can find the ideal company and vice versa. Besides work, he loves flying gliders and planes.

Proud Business Developer

Tomáš Rašner

Tomas is the founder and publisher of Studenta Media, the Czech Republic's largest media outlet for students. He's been self-employed since his first year at the University of Economics in Vienna. His biggest passion is innovating new projects and services. At Proudly his main task is innovation and business development, so he really has his work cut out for him. When he needs to clear his head he enjoys cycling and skiing.

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