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Meet Saskia

We begin each morning with a meeting where we tell each other what to focus on that day and whether we have some unresolved issues from the previous day. It also gives us the perfect space for sharing experiences and finding collective solutions to various complex situations. We are a new department. We have only been in operation since August 2018. And we have a lot of work ahead of us. I spend most of my time by refining and setting up processes, reporting and building the team as well as its relationship with other teams.

First Days in JnJ

After I joined Johnson & Johnson, I started my two-day welcome meeting where I learned everything about the company. After the first day, I knew what kind of company I work for, how it works, what the company culture is and I also learned our motto. The second day, I got to know the various company departments and the product’s journey before it reaches the end customer. I was the last one to join the team. It was not exactly ideal given my position but my team members helped me with everything and explained to me the whole business inner-workings. We have developed a strong connection and I believe they appreciated my efforts to learn everything quickly.

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About Saskia

I prefer to spend my free time with friends. We go out for dinner or a drink and enjoy life in Prague. Compared to the Netherlands, everything is more affordable here. Also, I love the fact that Prague is in the heart of Europe. It is relatively easy to get anywhere from here and discover new places, not only in Europe but also worldwide. Since I joined Johnson & Johnson, I have started to visit the gym more often. We have one in our building and there is no problem to take a break and go work out during the day. In addition, I go to tango lessons every week.

Martina Mašková

Divestiture and Acquisition Team Lead

Martina and her team offers support to new owners of sold-off branches of the company.

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Petra Krupičková

Continuous Improvement Architect Procurement

As the Architect Petra is helping out to the Procurement teams to implement improvements in daily operation.

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Martin Král

Senior Onboarding Admin

Martin secures everything that has to do with a new employee, from preparing the contract to providing a company car.

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Saskia van der Hulst

Customer Service Supervisor

Saskia is in charge of the Customer Service team for our Belgian and Dutch customers.

Meet Saskia

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