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Meet Petra

After finishing my English and German studies I decided to focus more on the latter. Which is why I started working for a company where I could use German to communicate with clients on a daily basis. However, ten years later I told myself it was time for a change. Now or never. I didn’t want to spend my entire life in one company. I took a short break to reenergize and to think through what next step would be the best for me. Johnson & Johnson impressed me at that time especially by their accommodating attitude towards their employees. That was a key factor for me and I joined in 2016.

About Petra

My family and I live relatively far from Prague therefore I spend a fair amount of time commuting to work. Thanks to the supportive approach of J&J I can work from home for part of the week and spend more valuable time with my family which is something I very much appreciate. I also try to have some time only for myself. I regularly attend yoga classes that are provided as one of many employee benefits. I am able to unwind completely there to relax and energize myself. Nordic walking, which is something I have started practising just a short time ago, has a similar effect on me. I enjoy activities that allow me to clear my head and relax from the intense everyday work with so many people.

Always on the move

At J&J I have the opportunity to build something entirely new, so I am in my natural habitat. I take on any new challenge enthusiastically as I find creating anything from scratch incredibly interesting and it helps me to grow. In my previous role as a Procurement Team Lead my workload consisted mainly of planning and coordinating activities for individual team members and supervising ongoing projects. In my current position as a Continuous Improvement Architect Procurement I am constantly in touch with my colleagues so I know what they need help with and what could be set up differently to increase their efficiency. I support every good idea. We are part of a dynamic environment and it is essential to keep moving on.

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