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Meet Martina

I graduated from the Economical Faculty of ZČU right into the middle of economic crisis so it wasn’t as easy to find a job as it is today. At that time, I approached several companies and I was lucky that one of the first companies that reached out to me and invited me to an interview was Johnson & Johnson. However, right after the job interview I wasn’t too sure I wanted to work there. I took some time to think the opportunity through and started gathering information about the company. When I found out that they operate globally, I decided to take the risk and accept the offer. I started working here in 2009 and now I know it was the right decision to make.

About Martina

I prefer to spend my free time mostly with my family which energizes me. I also need regular workout to keep my good mood and to wash out the excess energy. For this reason I attend guided fitness classes, like bosu balance exercise or circuit trainings. In addition, in summer I like to go jogging and in winter I like to ski either in Czechia or abroad.

Divestitures & Acquisitions team

At J&J I lead the Divestitures & Acquisitions team consisting of eight senior people who know their way around accounting and have known J&J for some time. Whenever the company decides to sell off one of its European entities, my team is asked to support the new owners especially in the accounting area until the takeover is completed. My team makes sure the new owner receives all historical and current data of the entity. Up until this stage every project of such type is absolutely confidential so in our team we often talk in ciphers; this can be really amusing at times. My main responsibility is to make sure my team knows what the priorities for the given period are and perform the tasks accordingly.

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Martina Mašková

Divestiture and Acquisition Team Lead

Martina and her team offers support to new owners of sold-off branches of the company.

Meet Martina

Petra Krupičková

Continuous Improvement Architect Procurement

As the Architect Petra is helping out to the Procurement teams to implement improvements in daily operation.

Meet Petra

Martin Král

Senior Onboarding Admin

Martin secures everything that has to do with a new employee, from preparing the contract to providing a company car.

Meet Martin

Saskia van der Hulst

Customer Service Supervisor

Saskia is in charge of the Customer Service team for our Belgian and Dutch customers.

Meet Saskia

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