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Meet Martin

I joined Johnson & Johnson after returning from abroad where I had studied economics. I’m part of the Onboarding team and I provide everything necessary for the arrival of a new employee. From preparing the employment contract, through the registration in the system to ensuring a company car. In summer of 2018, I joined the HR Development Leadership program. Over the next three years, I will try out working in various positions and I have the unique opportunity to participate in attractive projects.

Making HR More Efficient

Within the HR Development Leadership program, I am working on projects which will improve and streamline the work of the entire HR Department. For example, we have managed to tweak the recruitment process which used to be unnecessarily lengthy and clumsy. We have modified the documentation for managers who recruit the candidates and improved the communication for the newly arriving colleagues. They finally know exactly where to go when they arrive and who to approach if necessary. Even though they are small-scale subprojects, their outcome is very significant for HR.

About Martin

When I come home from work, I change from a suit into overalls and head for the garden. After a long day at work, gardening is the best form of relaxing for me. And I don’t skimp either. I have a huge garden with space for a flowerbed, vegetable patch and a small orchard. My other passion is history. I’m interested in creating family trees. I even did it as a part-time job while I was studying. Of course, I also have my own family tree which is very detailed.

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